Story and List of 51 Shakti Peethas

In this post, we are giving you the list of Mata Sati 51 Shaktipeeth in detail about her present location and its presiding power and Bhairav. And will tell you the full story of Shaktipeeth.

The name and place of Shaktipeeth are described in different ways in the Puranas. Their number is also mentioned differently in different texts.

In Devi Bhagwat, their number is given as 108, and in Devi Gita as 72. In Tantrachudamani, the number of Shaktipeeths has been given as 52.

In some other texts, the number of Shaktipeeths varies. But in the Devi Puran (Maha Bhagwat), the number of Shaktipeeths has been given only 51.

These 51 Shaktipeeths have a lot of importance in Hinduism. Most of these Shaktipeeth temples are in India and some are also in neighboring countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, and Sri Lanka).

Story of 51 Shakti Peethas

Lord Brahma is the creator, Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the universe, as well as Lord Shiva, is the destroyer of the world. The Tridev work together to let the world prosper. There was a situation where Lord Vishnu raised his Sudarshan Chakra on Lord Shiva and also stopped his Tandava. The two lords are supreme as well as devotees of each hence one is required to recognize the reason that leads to the situation.

Lord Shiva was married to Goddess Sati, daughter of Prajapati Daksha. Daksha was the son of Bramha. Daksha nonetheless ridiculed Lord Shiva and also never ever took him as his son-in-law. When Daksha conducted a huge yajna he invited all lords other than Lord Shiva and also Goddess Sati. When Goddess Sati came to know concerning this she obtained really sad. However, as a dutiful daughter, she intended to visit her father’s home. Lord Shiva barred her from going but she still went in advance with her decision of going.

On getting to there, Goddess Sati enquired her father for not to invite Lord Shiva. Daksh started to abuse Lord Shiva. The goddess was taken aback and could not tolerate the insult of her husband. She was really sad and therefore sacrificed her life in the fire of the yajna. When Lord Shiva came to know about the incident he was really angry. He uprooted his jata as well as hit the ground as well as this produced Veerabhadra and Mahakali. Lord ordered both to destroy Yajna. In a minute they did the task as well as cut the head of Daksha and also threw in the same fire of yajna.

Lord Shiva after that took out the body of Sati from Agni Kunda and lifted it on his shoulder and also started the dance of destruction Tandava. He roamed all over the world while dancing and also thereby the body parts of Goddess Sati fell on the planet.

To stop Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu utilized his Sudarshan chakra that cut the body of Sati into 51 pieces. Shakti Peetha was established where the body parts of Goddess Sati fell. Goddess Parvati is the reincarnation of Shiva and also after immense penance, she obtained Lord Shiva as her husband.

List Of 51 Shakti Peeth:

Shaktipeeths of West Bengal

  • Bahula Temple | Bahula Shakti Peeth: Bahul Devi is 8 km away from West Bengal in Bahul, Ajay river bank, Ketugram, Katua, Vardhman district, where Devi’s left hand fell.
  • Tristrota Shakti Peeth: Mother’s left leg fell in Trisrot, Salbari village, Boda Mandal, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal and she was called Bhramari Devi.
  • Kalighat Kali Temple: Right toe fell in Kalipith, Kalighat, Kolkata and she became mother Kalika.
  • Bheemakali Temple: The left heel of Goddess Kapalini (Bhimroop) fell in Vibhash, Tamluk, East Medinipur district of West Bengal.
  • Anandmayee Shakti Peetha | Ratnavali Shakti Peetha: The right comb of the goddess fell in Ratnavali, Hooghly, West Bengal, and her name is Kumari.
  • Attahas ShaktiPeeth: Phullara Devi’s lips fell in Attahs, West Bengal.
  • Bakreswar Temple: Vakreshwar fell undisturbed in West Bengal and she called Mahishmardini.
  • Nandikeshwari Temple: In Nandipur, West Bengal, the necklace of Mother Nandni was dropped.
  • Kiriteswari Temple | Kirit Shakti Peeth: It is clear from the name of Kirit that the crown of Goddess fell in Kiritkon Village, Murshidabad District, West Bengal and she was called Vimala.
  • Nalhati: In Nalhati, Birbhum, West Bengal, the leg fell and the goddess was named Kalika Devi.
  • Kankalitala – Kanchi, on the banks of the Kopai River in West Bengal, the ashes of the goddess fell and they are established in the form of Devagarbha.
  • In Jugadya, Khiragram, Vardhman district, West Bengal, the right toe fell and got the name Jugadya.
  • Ujjani, Guskur station, right wrist fell and Mangal Chandrika Devi was established in Vardhaman district, West Bengal.

Shaktipeeths of Madhya Pradesh

  • Shondesh Shakti Peeth: Her right buttock fell in Shondesh, Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh, and called Goddess Narmada due to the origin of the Narmada River. In a cave named Kamaladhav in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh, in a cave on the banks of the river Shon, Maa Kali is placed where her left buttock fell.
  • Bhairav Parvat Shakti Peeth | Avantika Shakti Peeth: Ujjayini on the banks of river Kshipra on Mount Bhairav, the upper lip of Devi fell in Madhya Pradesh where she is known as Avanti.
  • Harsiddhi Mata Temple

Shaktipeeths of Tamil Nadu

Shaktipeeth of Bihar

Shaktipeeths of Uttar Pradesh

  • Panchsagar Shakti Peeth: In Panchsagar, his lower molar was named Varahi.
  • Chitrakoot Shakti Peeth: The right chest fell in Ramagiri, Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh, named Shivani.
  • Vindhyavasini
  • Vishalakshi Temple: Her Manikarnika fell in Manikarnika Ghat, Kashi, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and she became famous as Visalakshi and Manikarni.
  • Prayag Shaktipeeths: Mother Lalita’s finger fell on Prayag, Sangam, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Katyayani Shakti Peeth: In Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh near Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple, a bunch of Davi’s hair and chudamani fell. She became famous here by the name Uma.

Shaktipeeth of Rajasthan

  • Ambika Shaktipeeth: His left leg finger fell in Birat, Rajasthan. Goddess Kahalai Ambika
  • Manibandh Shakti Peeth: Manibandha, Gayatri mountain, Pushkar, and Ajmer had two falls of the goddess. The goddess’s name here is Gayatri.

Shaktipeeths of Gujarat

  • Ambaji Temple: Devi’s heart fell in Ambaji temple, Gujarat and she was called Ambaji.
  • Prabhas Shakti Peeth: The stomach of Goddess Chandrabhaga fell in Prabhas, Junagadh district, Gujarat.

Shaktipeeths of Andhra Pradesh

  • Puruhutika ShaktiPeeth
  • Godavari Tir Shakti Peeth: Sarvail Rajamahendri fell his cheeks in Andhra Pradesh and the goddess got the name Rakini or Vishveshwari.
  • Devi Sri Sundari fell to the right and fell in Srisailam, Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh.

Shaktipeeths of Maharashtra

  • Saptashrungi Devi Temple – In Jansthan, Nashik, Maharashtra, Chin fell and Devi Bhramari was established.
  • Both ears of Goddess Jai Durga fell in Karnat.

Shaktipeeths of Kashmir

  • Mahamaya Shakti Peeth: Devi’s throat was strangled near Amarnath, Pahalgaon, Kashmir and they are established here as Mahamaya.

Shaktipeeth of Punjab

Shaktipeeth of Orissa

  • Maa Biraja Temple: Devi’s navel fell in Biraj, Utkal, and Orissa and became Vimala.

Shaktipeeth of Himachal Pradesh

  • Naina Devi, Bilaspur: Sharkarre, Karachi is present near Sukkar Station in Pakistan, though it is also told in Naina Devi Temple, Bilaspur. Devi’s eye fell here and she is called Mahish Mardini.
  • Jwala Devi: Jwala ji is in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh where Devi’s tongue fell, she was named Sidhida or Ambika.
  • Chintpurni Shakti Peeth

Shaktipeeth of Assam

  • Kamakhya Temple: Her vagina fell in Kamagiri, Kamakhya, Nilanchal mountain, Guwahati, Assam and she became famous as Kamakhya.

Meghalaya’s Shaktipeeth

Shaktipeeth of Tripura

  • Tripura Sundari Temple: Matabari mountain peak, near Radhakishorpur village, Udarpur, Tripura fell right foot and became goddess Tripur Sundari.

Shaktipeeth of Haryana

Shaktipeeth of Uttarakhand

Shaktipeeth of Nepal

  • Guhyeshwari Temple: The Gujyeshwari temple is in Nepal, along with the Pashupatinath temple, where both the knees of the goddess are said to have fallen. Here the name of the goddess is Mahashira.
  • On the banks of the river Gandaki, the head of the goddess fell at Muktinath temple in Pokhara, Nepal and she was called Gandaki Chandi.

Pakistan’s Shaktipeeth

  • Hinglaj Shaktipeeth: Hingul or Hinglaj is located about 125 km northeast of Karachi, Pakistan, where the Goddess’s Brahmarandhra (upper part of the head) fell. Goddess Kottari is established here.

shaktipeeth of srilanka

  • In an unknown place in Lanka, (as a rule, the temple is in Trincomalee, but has been demolished in Portuguese bombardment and there is only one pillar remaining. It is near the famous Triangheswara temple) Payal Falls of the goddess here she is called Indrakshi.

Tibet’s Shaktipeeth

  • Manasa Shakti Peeth: Manas, Devi is present as a stone rock near Tibet in Manasarovar, Mount Kailash. Here her right hand fell and she called Dakshayani.

Panchsagar Shaktipeeth

Shaktipeeth of Ladakh

Shaktipeeth of Jharkhand

Shaktipeeth of Karnataka

Shaktipeeth of Pakistan

Shaktipeeth of Bangladesh

  • Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth: In the village of Bhawanipur, Karatiyat, Bangladesh, her left ankle fell and she became known as Arpan.
  • Sugandha Shaktipeeth: Sugandh, Shikarpur in Bangladesh, 20 km from Barisal, on the banks of Sondh river, the nose of Giri Devi and her name is Sunanda.
  • Chandranath Temple: Chhatral, Chandranath mountain peak, near Sitakund station, Chittagong district, Bangladesh fell in right arm and named Bhavani.
  • The name Jayanti is established in the village of Kalajor Bhorbhog, Khasi Parbat, Jayantia Pargana, Silhat District, Bangladesh where Devi fell on her left thigh.
  • Devi was strangled near Sri Shail, Jainpur village, in Sylhet Town, Bangladesh, where her name is Mahalakshmi.
  • Yashore, Ishwaripur, Khulna District, Bangladesh Hands and Feet Yeshoreswari

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