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About All World Temple

All World Temple is the world’s largest Spiritual destination that brings faith closer to hundreds of millions across the world. Launched in 2018, All World Temple organizes information about Hindu temples, practices, Temple Darshan Timing, and rituals that make up the rich Hindu pantheon.

With the worldwide support of hundreds of volunteers, and a listing of over 100,000+ Temples, All World Temple exists to serve as a destination for over a billion on a secure digital interface.

Our vision is to organize and present information about every Hindu shrine across the globe and enable transactions on a single interface.

We believe that temples bind us to spirituality and are at the core of Hindusim, hence our endeavor at All World Temple is to:-
a. Provide you with authentic information about every temple
b. Help you with your temple visit – Pilgrimage
c. Enable temple poojas and contributions – Poojas
d. Facilitate devotion – Prarthana

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1. What is All World Temple?

All World Temple is the world’s largest Spiritual destination that provide information all world temple and also provide information about Temple prayer(Darshan) Timing. Temples hold a scared place in our hearts; built, nurtured and worshiped by our forefathers they are integral part of our everyday lives.

We are NOT affiliated to any Political Party and don’t endorse any political views.

2. How does it work?
Simple. Type in either your wish, or preferred deity or temple name or place and find information about shrines that meet your requirement.

3. Why All World Temple?
There are millions of temples with billions of pilgrims visiting every year, YET there’s no single source of authentic information that people can use reliably. Every time a pilgrim completes a visit, over 100 parameters of information is used at an explicit and implicit level. Most of these information and guidance needs are unmet.We are providing all world temple’s Darshan Timing and  their details.

4. What is All World Temple’s agenda?
Our mission is to enhance your spiritual experience by making it meaningful and fulfilling.

5. Why now?
Born out of an epiphany moment to help people find authentic information on temples, poojas, Darshan (Prayer) Timing and prarthana, All World Temple was born. We believe that we are responding to a higher calling. All information in All World Temple is written collaboratively by professional volunteers and passionate people. Anyone passionate about temples may contribute, (except in certain cases where it is restricted to prevent religious extremism, disruption or vandalism).

6. What promise does the future hold?
We have currently listed over 100,000+ Temples and are continuously adding more. While we are currently limited by contributions and information collected so far, we are hoping to reach a milestone 1 Million Temples soon…

Our Research and Development team is also actively engaged in collecting, curating and enriching data on the listed temples. Please join in and contribute, we look forward to hearing from you on any temples or associated experiences and stories.

We’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us at yourfriend@allworldtemple.com

We’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us at allworldtemple@gmail.com

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