Sugandha Shaktipeeth, Bangladesh

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Important information Sugandha Shaktipeeth is a Hindu Temple devoted to Goddess Sunanda, situated in the village of Shikarpur Barisal District in Bangladesh. This Sakthi Peeth is located on the banks of the Sunanda River. This Temple is 21 kilometers away from Barisal City. This Temple is considered one of the Sakthi Peethas. Being just one … Read more

Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth, Bangladesh

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Important information Bhabanipur is a religious place near Karatoyatat, situated around 28 km from Sherpur Upazila of Bogra District, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh. It is among the 51 Shakti Peethas located in India. Being a Shakti Peeth, Bhabanipur is a divine and historical place for Hindu pilgrims. There are several temples in the premises of this … Read more

Chandranath Temple, Bangladesh

Chandranath Temple Bangladesh

Important information Chandranath Temple is located on top of the 350 meters high Chandranath hill. It is a popular Shakti Peeth located near Sitakunda in Bangladesh. At this Temple according to Hindu sacred texts, the right arm of Goddess Sati fell here. It is one of the shaktipeeth of devi sati. History & Importance The … Read more