Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth, Bangladesh

Important information

  • Location: Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth, Karatoyatat, Sherpur Upazila, Bogra District, Bangladesh.
  • Festivals: Navratri, Ramnavami For Other Festival Details Click here
  • Main Deity: Bhavani Mata For Other Deity Details Click here
  • Languages: Bengali, English & Hindi
  • Darshan Timings: 07.00 AM To 07.00 PM
  • Best Season To Visit: All
  • How To Reach

Bhabanipur is a religious place near Karatoyatat, situated around 28 km from Sherpur Upazila of Bogra District, Rajshahi Division, Bangladesh. It is among the 51 Shakti Peethas located in India. Being a Shakti Peeth, Bhabanipur is a divine and historical place for Hindu pilgrims. There are several temples in the premises of this Shakti-Peeth, that are visited by pilgrims from all over the region and abroad, regardless of sectarian big differences.

History of Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth

The chief legend of Bhabanipur relates to the creation of the Shakti Peethas. Sati, the daughter of Prajapati Daksha, was married to the god Shiva versus his wishes. Daksha arranged a great yajna but did not invite Sati and Shiva. Uninvited, Sati reached the yajna-site, where Daksha ignored Sati as well as Shiva.

Sati was not able to withstand this insult. So, Devi Sati gave her life by jumping into the fire of Havan organized by her father King Daksh. When Lord Shiva was running around the planet carrying her body Lord Vishnu divided the body into 51 parts utilizing his Sudarshan chakra. Out of those 51 parts, from the ‘Left Anklet or ribs or right eye’ of Sati fell to this place. Here Sati is called Aparna and Lord Shiva is called Vaman.


There is a legend that states, that when a conch-bangles dealer was going by the side of a lonely pond in a dense forest near the then Bhabanipur temple, a little girl with vermilion on her forehead approached him and said to him that she was the child of the Natore Rajbari (Castle). She purchased a set of conch-bangles from him and requested him to gather the rate of those bracelets from the then Maharani Bhabani; from a basket that was kept in the Rajbari castle at a particular place. Her look and respectful words overwhelmed the conch dealer.

Maharani Bhabhani hurried to the place with her courtmen and the conch dealer as quickly as she heard the whole story from him. On the earnest prayer by the conch dealer, Ma Bhabani raised from that pond revealing her 2 wrists with the conch bangles. The queen and her men were amazed, and the holiness of Mother Bhabani spread all over the subcontinent. This is that holy “Shakha-Pukur” (conch-bangles pond) where the devotees take a holy dip when they go to the place.

Importance of Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth

Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Marriage
  • Get married to a person of a girl’s choice
  • Health and longevity of husband

Architecture of Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth

The temple area sprawls of 12 bighas or acres around it is a compound wall. 

Idol of Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth

The Shakti Devi here is referred to as Aparna and the Bhairava is Vaman. According to different sources, the body parts of Devi Sati Maa Tara that fell at Bhabanipur are the right eye, bedding, left anklet (accessory), and ribs of the left chest. As there is no idol of Bhawani, a Kali idol is worshipped in this temple and the stone that is worshipped is symbolic of Ma Sati’s left anklet.

Festivals of Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth

There are 2 main temple festivals that happen in a year. Ramnavami or Deepanvita is a huge fair (Mela) that is performed in the month of Chaitra and Maghi Poornima is observed when the moon of the month of Magha bestows its silver light on devotees. There are yagnas, rounds of storytelling, and unique arati that come with these celebrations. Devotees take a dip in the spiritual waters of Shankha Pukur: the legend of which we shall very soon reach. Other celebrations include Durgostav in Oct, Deepannita Shyama Puja as well, and Nabanya in the Bengali month of Agrahayon.

  • Maghi Purnima in the Bengali month of Magh/Falgun
  • Ram Nabomi in the month of Chaitra/Baishakh
  • Durgotshov in autumn
  • Dipannita Shyama Puja
  • Nabanna in the month of Aghrahoyon

Special Rituals of Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth

  • Early Morning: “Pravati” and “Balyo” “Bhog”.
  • Afternoon: The Deity is worshipped and presented as “Anna” or “Bhog”.
  • At Night: “Arati” and “Bhog” are offered to the Gods and Goddesses on behalf of the committee.
  • The devotees can offer “Bhog” to the Gods and Goddesses every day and take “Prasad” later on.

Other Temple in Temple Campus:

  •  Gopal temple
  • Patal Bhairava Shiva Temple
  • Four Shiva temples
  • Belbaran Tala
  • Nat Mandir
  • Bashudev temple
  • Two bathing ghats
  • Holy Shakha Pukur( pond of conch bangles)
  • Panchamunda Asana.

Facilities at Bhabanipur Shaktipeeth

These days, there is a Bhabanipur Temple Development, Renovation, and Supervision Committee that was developed to take care of the temple. This committee facilitates travelers and pilgrims at every step of the day. It offers buses and vehicles for traveling, and hotels to spend the nighttime.

How to Reach

  • By Air: Aparna Devi temple is located 28 km. from Sherpur or via Ghoga Bot-tola bus stop located on the highway. As well as there are many local vans that bring pilgrims to the temple. 
  • By Rail: Santahar railway station is nearest.
  • By Road: Bogra airport which is 30 km. Far from Sherpur and around 60 km from the temple.

Temple Timings

07.00 AM To 07.00 PM
darshan timings may be changed during festival time.

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