Morgaon Ganpati Temple Moreshwar

Important information

  • Location: Morgaon, Pune
  • Festivals: Ganesha Chaturthi For Other Festival Details Click here
  • Main Deity: Lord Ganesha For Other Deity Details Click here
  • Languages: Marathi, Hindi & English
  • Darshan Timings: 05:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 03:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Best Season To Visit: August to February
  • Photography: Not Allowed
  • How To Reach

Shri Mayureshwar Mandir or Morgaon Ganpati Temple is located in Moragaon near Pune in the state of Maharashtra. It is a famous pilgrimage destination and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The temple is the starting and ending point of a pilgrimage of eight revered Ganesha temples called Ashtavinayaka. It operates under the administration of the Chinchwad Devasthan Trust.


History explains that there was a famous Ganapatya saint called Morya Gosavi. He worshiped at the Morgaon Ganesha temple before moving to Chinchwad. There, he constructed a new shrine. This temple, as well as other temples near Pune, enjoyed royal patronage from the Brahmin Peshwa rulers.

According to Ganesha Purana, Lord Ganesha was incarnated as Mayureshwar who had 6 arms and a white complexion. He was born in the Treta Yuga for the reason of eliminating the devil called Sindhu. The Lord came down on a peacock mount and waged a fight against Sindhu and later defeated him.

Another important Ganapatya legend explains that Lord Brahma as well as Vishnu, Shiva, the Divine Mother Devi, and Surya meditated at Morgaon to get knowledge about their creator and the reason for existence. Lord Ganesha appeared before them in the form of an Omkara flame and blessed them.


  • The significance of Morgaon Ganapati Temple is that a big stone boundary confines the place of worship with minarets at 4 corners of the temple The 4 gates which show 4 ages of life face primary instructions with a picture of Ganesha. Each form relates to the goal of life. It is and is an asthavinayaka temple made up of a single stone and the Garbhagriha homes a main picture of the Lord facing the north direction.


  • Stone boundaries are a special element of the Morgaon Ganpati temple.
  • The courtyard has 2 Deepmalas and a 6-foot mouse that sits in front of the temple. A huge structure of Nandi faces the Lord on the outside of the temple gates. The area around the assembly hall includes 23 various idols representing numerous forms of Lord Ganesha. Recently there has been an assembly hall which is the house of the deities of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi.


The main deity of this temple is Lord Moreshwar (Ganesh) also called Lord Mayureshwar, made of an alloy of five metals, with His trunk towards the left. Ganesh is bound by Goddess Riddhi, and also Goddess Siddhi, his consorts. The other important deities of this temple are Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Sita, Lord Vignesha, Chintamani, Lord Brahma, Nagna Bhairava, Nandi, etc.


  • Ganesh Jayanti – (Magha Shukla Chaturthi)
  • Ganesh Chaturthi – (Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi)
  • Bhadrapada Month Celebrations – It is held in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, August, and September and the celebrations last for more than a month.
  • Vijayadasami – Vijayadasami is another main festival in Morgaon Ganpati temple.

Some other festivals observed in this temple include Shukla Chaturthi, Krishna Chaturthi, and Somavati Amavasya. All of these festivals depend on the positions of the moon and the sun.

List Of Ashtavinayaka Temples

  1. Morgaon Ganpati Temple
  2. Siddhatek Ganpati Temple
  3. Ballaleshwar Pali Ganpati Temple
  4. Mahad Ganpati Temple
  5. Chintamani Ganpati Temple
  6. Lenyadri Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple
  7. Ozar Ganpati Temple
  8. Ranjangaon Ganpati Temple

The eight incarnations of Ganesh

  • Vakratunda (twisting trunk)
  • Ekadanta (single tusk)
  • Mahodara (big belly)
  • Gajavaktra (elephant face)
  • Lambodara (pendulous belly)
  • Vikata (unusual form “misshapen”)
  • Vighnaraja (king of obstacles)
  • Dhumravarna (grey color) corresponds to Shiva
  • The temple locates a Special image of Sakshi Vinayaga, who is believed as the observer of the prayers offered to Lord Mayureshwar.

Near By Attraction

  • 1. Triambakeshwar Temple
  • 2. Girijaatmaja Vinayak Temple
  • 3. Chintamani Vinayak Temple
  • 4. Bhimashankar Temple
  • 5. Grishneshwar Temple
  • 6. Mumba Devi Temple
  • 7. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple
  • 8. Mahalakshmi Temple

How to Reach

  • By Air: For tourists planning to visit this Temple by flight, Pune airport is the nearby destination, within 75 km.
  • By Train: The Jejuri Railway Station is near Railway Station and it is located 17 km from the temple.
  • By Road: Special buses called Asthavinayaka darshan take tourists to all the eight temples. Buses to and from Pune are also available at the temple location.

Temple Timings

Darshan Timing

Morning05:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Evening 03:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Aarti, Bhog and Pooja Timing

Some of the major poojas that take place in the temple are Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh Jayanti, Magh Suddha Chaturthi, etc. Regular Prakshal PujaPanchopachar Puja, and Shejaartis are performed.

Prakshal Puja05:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Shodashopachar Puja Morning07:00 AM
Shodashopachar Puja Noon12:00 PM
Panchopachar Puja08:00 PM
Samudaik Evening Aarti07:30 PM
Shej Aarti10:00 PM

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