Lenyadri Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple

Important information

  • Location: Golegaon, Taluka: Junnar, Dist. : Pune JUNNR, Maharashtra 410502
  • Festivals: Ganesha Chaturthi For Other Festival Details Click here
  • Main Deity: Lord Ganesha For Other Deity Details Click here
  • Languages: Marathi, Hindi & English
  • Darshan Timings: 5.00 AM to 8.00 PM
  • Entry Fees: 5 Rs
  • Palakhi Fees: 700 Rs. Per person
  • Photography: Not Allowed in the temple and Ganesh Murti
  • Best Season To Visit: August To September
  • Contact Number: +918600073925
  • How To Reach

Lenyadri Ganpati Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It is one of the eight Ashtavinayak Temples in Maharashtra. The temple is also known as Girijatmaj temple. It gets its name from the words Girija (Parvathi) and Atmaj (son), thus the son of Parvati. This is the only Ashtavinayak temple that is on a mountain.


The history of the Lenyadri Ganapati temple is associated with the following Legend:

Legend of Girijatmaj: According to Ganesh Puran, Goddess Sati reincarnated as Parvati and desired to give birth to Ganesh. She did severe penance on the Lenyadri mountain. On the 4th day of Bhadrapad Shuddh or Chaturthi day, Goddess Parvati wiped her body and utilized the dirt to make an idol.

Lord Gajanan stood and entered this idol before her a young kid with 6 arms and 3 eyes. His name was Girijatmaj or the child of Parvati. This version of Lord Ganesh– Lord Girijatmaj is strongly believed to have remained at Lenyadri for almost 15 years.

The caves on Lenyadri are under the control of the Archeological Dept. of India, administration of Ganesh temple is looked after by Temple Trust.


  • The significance of Lenyadri Ganapati Temple is that between a cluster of rock-cut Buddhist caves. It is among the Ashtavinayak temples. Devotees consider that Lord Girijatmaj was Lord Ganesh’s manifestation as a baby Lord. Rather, it is sculpted on a rock, with its head turned to the.
  • According to Ganesh Puran, this place is also known as Jirnapur or Lekhan Parbat. Devotees consider that the Pandavas sculpted the caves at the time of their exile duration. Lenyadri Ganpati temple is monolithic and south-facing– carved out from a single rock.
  • Considering That the Lenyadri Ganpati is rock-cut, devotees can not circumambulate. They are totally free to worship the Lord themselves. The main mandap is 53 feet long and surprisingly there are no pillars supporting the whole structure.
  • The main mandap also considered as the sabha mandap has 18 indents or small rooms that pilgrims use for meditation. When there, a peaceful environment, with enjoyable vibrations from the Lekhan mountain and a stunning view of the nearby Kukadi river is a treat for the senses.


The unique cave architecture of Lenyadri Temple. The caverns date from between the 3rd and very first century AD. The Ganesha sanctum organized in Cave 7 is dated to the very first century AD. The date of transformation to a Hindu holy place is rare. A large number of the caverns emerged from Hinayana Buddhism.

It is generally a Buddhist Vihara in structure and an unpillared lobby with 20 cells with switching measurements. The lobby is large and can be entered by a focal entrance, under a pillared veranda. The hall is now a sabha-mandapa of the Ganesha temple. 283 steps were constructed in stone brickwork which will lead to the passage.

Devotees taking a walk on the 283 stone constructed actions.
The 283 stone steps were constructed by devotees to reach the Lenyadri Ganpati Temple.
The passage additionally has tips of mortar and creative creations, both consisting of during the transformation and restored in later celebrations– possibly as late as the 19th century. The artistic creations represented Ganesha’s youth, marriage arrangements, battle with friends, etc

Prior to the massive area doors of Shri, Girijatmaj Ganpati temple are huge columns with images of elephants, horses, lions, and various animals cut on them. There are columns with numerous carvings prior to each other cavern.

The surrounding 6th cavern and fourteenth cavern have Buddha columns in them generally considered as Bouddha-Stupa. These caverns are made into the state of the side of the equator interiorly. That is the factor, echoes can be successfully heard.

The Sanctorum of the temple hotshots a large scope of overwhelming workmanship as reverential creative productions of Shri Guru Dattatray. Lord Ganesh laying on Shiv-Parvati’s lap, Bal Ganesh playing an ancient game like ludo made by using routine hues.

There is no power to light up in the temple. The temple is established with the completion goal that throughout the day it is continuously lit up by the sun-beams.


The idol of Lord Shree Ganesha in Lenyadri Ganpati Temple.

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  2. Siddhatek Ganpati Temple
  3. Ballaleshwar Pali Ganpati Temple
  4. Mahad Ganpati Temple
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  6. Lenyadri Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple
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  1. Bhadrapath: Lord Ganesh’s birth celebration also known as Ganesh Chaturthi .
  2. Shravan: Janmashtami or Krishna Ashtami, Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated here with a Dahi Handi during Shravan.
  3. Holi: The colorful festival of Holi is in the month of Phalgun.
  4. Aashad: Chaturmas symbolizes Lord Vishnu’s four months slumber. The beginning of Chaturmas is in the month of Aashad.
  5. Ashwin: Devotees celebrate the Dusshera festival here on Ashwin Shudh 10, During this time, Lord Ganpati is taken on a palanquin procession across the village.
  6. Magh: The Magh Utsav is an important festival at the Lenyadri Temple.

Nearby Attractions

  • Lenyadri Buddhist caves
  • Bhima Gada

How to Reach

  • By Air: Pune International Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport are the nearest Airports to Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple.. 
  • By Train: Talegaon, Pune, and Mumbai railway stations are the nearest railway stations to Girijatmaj Ganpati Temple.
  • By Road: The distance from Ozar Vighneshwara Ganpati to Lenyadri Temple is 15.1 km. The distance from Pune to Lenyadri is 114 km on the NH60 motorway. There are many buses that travel regularly from Ozar Vigneshwara temple to Lenyadri.

Temple Timings

Darshan Timing

Morning to Evening06:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Aarti, Bhog and Pooja Timing

Panchamrit puja08:00 AM

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