Manasa Shakti Peeth, Tibet

Important information

  • Location: Manasa Temple(Shakti Pith), Kailash Man Sarovar, Tibet.
  • Festivals: Navratri, Durga Ashtami, Makar sankranti For Other Festival Detail Click here
  • Main Deity: Manasa Devi
  • Languages: English & Hindi
  • Darshan Timings: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Best Season To Visit: May To October
  • How To Reach

Manasa Shaktipeeth is located on the banks of Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet. It is also known as Dakshayani Shakti Peeth. It is located at a height of 21,000 ft. from the water level. This place is also called Maa Dakshhayani Shaktipeeth. Goddess Sati’s right palm is believed to have fallen here at a place called Kuggu which is located at the south-western foot of Mansarovar. Lord Shiva’s family is embodied within a GOMPHA (a Tibbati Math).


The chief legend of Manasa relates to the creation of the Shakti Peethas. Sati, the daughter of Prajapati Daksha, was married to the god Shiva versus his wishes. Daksha arranged a great yajna but did not invite Sati and Shiva. Uninvited, Sati reached the yajna site, where Daksha ignored Sati as well as Shiva.

Sati was not able to withstand this insult. So, Devi Sati gave her life by jumping into the fire of Havan organized by her father King Daksh. When Lord Shiva was running around the planet carrying her body Lord Vishnu divided the body into 51 parts utilizing his Sudarshan chakra. Out of those 51 parts, from which the ‘Right Palm’ of Sati fell to this place. The idols of Goddess are worshipped as Kadhhayani and Lord Shiva as Amar.

It is believed in the historical scriptures that anyone who takes a bath in the holy Mansarovar Lake and circumambulates the peak gets free of their sins for generations and attains salvation. The Kailash Manasarovar Lake is believed to have healing powers. Kailash Manasarovar Lake is believed to be the abode of the Hamsa or the Swan of Lord Brahma, one of the Holy Trinity. The Lake is also believed to be one of the fifty-one Shakti Peethas

The well-known Gauri Kund or the Parvati Sarovar is located en route to Mount Kailash. This is considered to be the lake where Goddess Parvati gave birth to Lord Ganesha and made him stand as a protector while she was taking a bath. Lord Ganesha stopped Lord Shiva from meeting Parvati and in a fit of rage, Lord Shiva beheaded Ganesha. Anxious Parvati requested Lord Shiva to forgive Ganesha and bring him back to life. Lord Shiva changed Ganesha’s head with the head of a surrounding elephant and ever since then, Ganesha became considered as the “Elephant headed God”.

Assimilation Of Culture

Mount Kailash is the ‘throne of Lord Shiva’ for Hindus. It is a big natural structure for Buddhists and Rishabhdev’s Nirvana site for Jains. Both Hindus and Buddhists consider this place a repository of tantric powers. Although it is geographically subordinate to China, it is a historical pilgrimage center for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Tibetans. The magnificent energy of the temple is considered as Goddess Manasa and Lord ‘Amar.’ Manasa Shaktipeeth is located on the banks of the China-authorized Lake Manasarovar, where Sati’s ‘right hand’ fell.


This is one of the pure and spiritual places of the whole earth where people can get all their desires fulfilled. The goddess is worshipped for prosperity and longevity of life.


  • Navratri
  • Durga Ashtami
  • Makar sankranti

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How to Reach

Route 1: The Lipulekh Pass Route The Yatra begins with a 3-4 day stay at Delhi. The tentative duration for the yatra would be 25 days with approximately 1.6 lakh cost per person.

Route 2: The Nathu La Pass Route The Yatra begins with a 3-4 day stay at Delhi. The duration of the yatra would be 23 days with approximately 2 lakhs cost per person.

Temple Timings

Darshan Timing

6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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