Chandi Devi Temple Haridwar | Darshan Timing | Importance and History of Chandi Devi Temple

Chandi Devi temple Haridwar is hindu temple of goddess chandi devi located in holy city haridwar of uttarakhand state of india.This temple is locted at top of the neel parvat.Neel parvat is situated on sivalik hills which is the southernmost mountain chain of Himalayas.

Chandi devi temple is built in 1929 by king of Kashmir suchat singh.However it is  belived that main murti of chandi devi was installed by adi shankracharya in 8th century.chandi devi temple is also know as the neel parvat teerth.Chandi devi temple is highly revered by the devotees which is a place of worship where all your desired get fulfilled.

Goddess chandi is also known as chandika.



The story behind goddess chandika as follows.Long time ago two demon king shumbha and nishumbha had captured the lord indra and thrown the gods from heaven.After prayers by the gods ,a goddess emerged from parvati.A beautiful woman sent to shumbha.Shumbha desired to marry her and being refuse shumbha sent his demon chiefs chanda and munda to kill that beautiful woman.Both are killed by goddess chamunda who originated out of chandika’s anger.Thereafter chandika take rest for a while at the top of the neel parvat and later a temple was build here to remember the legend.Also the two peaks of the mountain range are called as shumbha and nishumbha.

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Chandi Devi Temple:-

The temple is located 4km away from har ki pauri.To reach at this temple there is two way. If you passionate about trekking you can reach this temple using 3km trekking route from chandighat.and other way you can climbing  a number of step to reach at this temple.Recently rope way is introduce which is alos known as chandi devi udankhatola.


Ropeway Of Chandi

Undankhatola tower station is located near gauri Shankar temple on nazibabad road which leads directly to chandi devi temple.From this tower temple is located at the 9,500 ft and total length of this route is 2430ft and height is 682ft.During ropway jouerny you can view the ganga river and haridwar.

Chandi devi temple is run by mahant.Non vegetarian food and alcoholic drinks are strickly prohibited in the temple.


Importance of chandi temple:-

The temple is one of the most ancient temples of india.During Navratra,chandi chaudas thousands of devotees flock to the temple.also during the kumbha mela in haridwar devotees flock to the chandi temple.Anjana temple mother of hanumanji is also located very near to the chandi devi temple.Neeleshwar temple is also situated at the foot of the neel parvat.It is belived that Mansa and chandi the two forms of parvati.The temple of mansa is exactly on the other side of the hilltop of the bilwa parvat on the opposite side of the ganga river.

Chandi Devi Temple Haridwar Darshan Timing

6.00 AM to 8.00 PM


Chandi Devi Temple Aarati Timing

Morning Aarati begins at 5.30 AM