Munneswaram temple | Darshan Timing | Importance and History of Munneswaram Temple

Munneswaram temple is hindu temple in Sri Lanka.There are sao many myths behind the temple existence.It is believed that temple is build in 1000 CE and it is associate with the Indian epic Ramayana and Lord ram.Munneswaram temple is one of the ancient pancha ishwarams dedicated to the shiva in the region.

The temple complex has five temples which includes Buddhist temple, the central temple, ganesha, ayyanayake, kali temple.The kali temple is also popular with the Buddhist ethnic group.

The Munneswaram temple is located in the Munneswaram village in the puttalam District.In past the temple was destroyed twice by the Portuguese colonial officers.Locals reconstructed the temples both times.  

Munneswaram temple is the centre of the spiritual and religious life of the Munneswaram division.The presiding deity is called sri munnainathar and the goddess is called sri vativampika devi.The temple has been historically associated with the pearling and fishing town of chailaw.The pattuva has many temples dedicated to the higher echelons of Hindu or Buddhist Deities.The temple was established by the 11th century.The temple construction was began in 10th century.

The siva temple is attested in grants and in local literature.The kali temple is a popular shrine  associated with the animal sacrifices and spirit possession.The Buddhist temple is the post 19th century addition.The ganesha temple is the newest amongst the hindu temples and was build during 19th century.


In 1412 the first known reconstruction of temple was recorded in a grant made by king parakrakrama Bahu of kotte kingdom.The grant was inscribed on a granite slab.This grant is installed as part of renovated temple.In 1505 Portuguese arrive at sri lanka. Portuguese began the campaign to destruction of Buddhist and hindu temple around the island.They destroyed the Munneswaram temple completely in 1578 CE and used the core of building as roman catholic chapel.As per 1640 Portuguese records they were able to convert 500 people from village of munneswaram as Catholics.After the destruction the munneswaram pattiva area came under the control of the expanding the kingdom of sitawaka lead by king rajasinghe.The temple was rebuilt by king rajasinghe.But in early 17th century temple was again destroy by  Portuguese. But temple was rebuilt by the local people.

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Myths behind Munneswaram temple

Most of the myths associated with this temple is vary with the different religious and ethnic group.For the hindu tamils the munneswaram temple is primarily a siva temple as per Tamil legend the temple is situated at a place where kind rama


The munneswaram temple is well known for its celebration of navaratri and sivarathri.Navratri is dedicated to the various aspects of the presiding goddess and sivarathri is dedicated to the lord shiva.Both this temple attract the hindus to the temple.The annual munneswaram festival is important part of the temple and it attracts Hindus,Buddhist,catholics and even Muslims.This festivals lasts for 28 days in the month of August and September.

Munneswaram Temple Darshan Timing

SUNDAY  5.30 A.M TO 8.00 P.M
MONDAY  5.30 A.M TO 8.00 P.M
TUESDAY  5.30 A.M TO 8.00 P.M
WEDNESDAY  5.30 A.M TO 8.00 P.M
THURSDAY 5.30 A.M TO 8.00 P.M
FRIDAY  5.30 A.M TO 8.00 P.M
SATURDAY 5.30 A.M TO 8.00 P.M