Chandranath Temple, Bangladesh

Chandranath Temple Bangladesh

Important information Chandranath Temple is located on top of the 350 meters high Chandranath hill. It is a popular Shakti Peeth located near Sitakunda in Bangladesh. At this Temple according to Hindu sacred texts, the right arm of Goddess Sati fell here. It is one of the shaktipeeth of devi sati. History & Importance The … Read more

108 Names of Goddess Durga

108 Names of Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga is the power of the Supreme Being. She is worshipped in the form of Kali, Parvathi, and Ambika. Durga Maa is depicted as riding on a lion or tiger having eight arms carrying weapons and a lotus flower, maintaining a meditative smile, and practicing mudras. The name “Durga” in Sanskrit means “invincible”. She … Read more

Tripurmalini Shakti Peeth | Devi Talab Mandir, Jalandhar

Tripurmalini Shakti Peeth Jalandhar Devi Talab Temple

Important information Tripurmalini Shakti Peeth is located in Jalandhar, Punjab. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peeth. It is also known as Devi Talab temple because the temple is located in the middle of a sacred pond. and it’s believed to be more than 200 years old. In Tripurmalini The breast of Mata Sati … Read more

Purnagiri Devi Temple, Uttarakhand

Purnagiri Devi Temple Uttarakhand 1068x601 1

Important information Purnagiri Temple is located at Tanakpur, Uttarakhand, India, at an altitude of 3000 feet on Annapurna height. This place is situated at a distance of 92 kilometers from Champawat as well as only 18.6 km from Tanakpur. Purnagiri Devi Temple is one of the 52 Shakti Peethas. This temple is the main temple … Read more

Manibandh Shakti Peeth, Pushkar

Manibandh Shakti Peeth Pushkar e1625565863119

Important information Manibandh Shakti Peeth is located at Pushkar, Rajasthan. Manibandh Shakti Peeth is popularly known as Manivedika Shakti Peeth and Gayatri Temple. It is a holy pilgrimage site and located top of the hill. History of Manibandh Shakti Peeth The chief legend of Manibandh relates to the creation of the Shakti Peethas. Sati, the daughter of … Read more

Nandikeshwari Temple, Sainthia

Nandikeshwari Temple Sainthia 1068x601 1

Important information Nandikeshwari temple is located at Nandipur village, which is now a part of Sainthia town, Birbhum district, West Bengal (220 Km from Kolkata). The Sainthia town is located on the bank of the river Mayurakshi. The name is Sainthia comes from ‘Sain’, a Bengali term used to refer to an Islamic priest. Sainthia … Read more

Chintpurni Shakti Peeth, Himachal Pradesh

Chintpurni Shakti Peeth Himachal Pradesh 1068x601 1

Important information The Chintpurni Shaktipeetha or Chinnamastika Shakti Peetha is located at Chintpuri in the Una district of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the Shakti Peethas. Surrounded by the western Himalayas in the north and in the east by the Shivalik range bordering the state of Punjab. History & Importance According to Shiv Puran, … Read more

Chitrakoot Shakti Peeth, Uttar Pradesh

Chitrakoot Shakti Peeth Chitrakoot Uttar Pradesh 1068x601 1

Important information Chitrakoot Shakti Peeth is located in Chitrakoot (Ramgiri) in Uttar Pradesh. It is also called Ramgiri Shakti Peeth. This Shaktipeeth is also famous as Maa Shivani Shakti Peeth among locals. Chitrakoot town is home to many historical temples mentioned in Hindu Scriptures. The Chitrakoot area borders Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. History & … Read more

Mithila Shakti Peeth, Bihar

Mithila Shakti Peeth Bihar 1068x601 1

Important information Mithila Shakti Peeth is located at Mithila (near Janakpur station) Darbhanga on the border of Bihar, India- Nepal. The holy place is dedicated to divine powers “Goddess Durga” is worshipped by a large number of Hindu devotees as “Mahadevi or Uma”. This Shakti Peeth is unique because of the fact that it is actually … Read more

Manasa Shakti Peeth, Tibet

Manasa Shakti Peeth Tibet 1068x601 1

Important information Manasa Shaktipeeth is located on the banks of Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet. It is also known as Dakshayani Shakti Peeth. It is located at a height of 21,000 ft. from the water level. This place is also called Maa Dakshhayani Shaktipeeth. Goddess Sati’s right palm is believed to have fallen here at a … Read more