Sugandha Shaktipeeth, Bangladesh

Important information

  • Location: Shikarpur, of Barisal, in Bangladesh
  • Festivals: Shiva-Chaturdashi, Navrati
  • Main Deity: Sunanda
  • Languages: Hindi& English
  • Darshan Timings: 06.00 AM To 06.00 PM || 5:00 PM To 9:40 PM
  • Best Season To Visit: All

Sugandha Shaktipeeth is a Hindu Temple devoted to Goddess Sunanda, situated in the village of Shikarpur Barisal District in Bangladesh. This Sakthi Peeth is located on the banks of the Sunanda River. This Temple is 21 kilometers away from Barisal City. This Temple is considered one of the Sakthi Peethas. Being just one of the Shakti Peethas of Hindu Mythology, this temple is one of the holiest sites for devotees of the Shakti sect of Hinduism. This Temple was famously called Shikarpur Tarabari by residents.

It is said that the nose of Maa Sati fell here. The idol of Maa Sati is called ‘Sunanda’ as well as Lord Shiva is worshipped as ‘Traimbak’. The Bhairav temple remains in Ponabalia, situated 5 miles south of Jhalkati rail station. Ponabalia is under the village Shamrail located on the bank of the river Sunanda.

History and Significance of Sugandha Shaktipeeth

Sati was the first wife of Shiva as the first incarnation of Parvati. She was the daughter of King Daksha as well as Queen (the daughter of Brahma). She committed self-immolation at the sacrificial fire of a Yagna executed by her father Daksha as she felt seriously anxious by her father’s disrespect of her husband and also to her by not inviting both of them to the Yagna.

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Shiva took Rudra Thandavam in mourning the death of the Goddess Sati, Vishnu severed the body of Sati into several pieces with Sudarshan chakra. In which the body of the Goddess Sati was scattered into 51 parts which fell on Earth and became sacred Shakti Peeth. In the Shikarpur village, Sati had blessed by placing her nose at Sugandha Shakti Peeth.

This is one of the ancient Hindu temples in Bangladesh. There is no particular history about the temple.

Architecture & Temple Deity

There are statues of gods in this temple. The temple is a stone structure with statues of gods and goddesses sculpted on the outer walls. This Temple would certainly have existed from ancient times, however, it was damaged multiple times and also undergone extensive restorations. Hence, the existing temple did not maintain its original architecture.

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Generally, the Shadow of the temple is not expected to fall on running Water, according to the Agama Shastra. This is one of the unusual Temples were the Shadow of The Temple Falls on the River Sunanda.

Festivals at Sugandha Shaktipeeth

  • Shiva-Chaturdashi, the 14th moon during the month of March is the main festival celebrated in this temple.
  • Special celebrations and rituals are held during Navaratri.

How to Reach Sugandha Shaktipeeth

For Indians, All devotees need to apply for visas at the Bangladesh embassy. After approval of the visa, you can contact any travel agent in the temple’s nearest city Barisal.

By Air

The nearest international airport is in Barisal. This is at a distance of almost 21 kilometers from Sugandha Shaktipeeth.

By Rail

Modi and Hasina launched a new passenger train between  India and  Bangladesh. A new passenger train connecting Dhaka and New Jalpaiguri on the Indian side was inaugurated jointly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi shortly.

By Road

The Temple is located at about 1.5 Km from Esladi Bus Stop, 19 Km from Nathullahbad Central Bus Terminal. You can also reach the temple via private vehicles.

By Boat 

New cruise ship Service starts between Kolkata, India to Dhaka, Bangladesh Shortly.

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Sugandha Temple Timings

The temple is open from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

6.00 am to 6.00pm

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