Parashakthi Temple Michigan

Parashakthi Temple is the temple of Devi adi para shakti. Parashakthi Temple is located in Pontiac Michigan united states. This temple is also known as the Eternal Mother temple. Parashakthi temple was built in 1999.


Divine mother para shakti is manifested as shiva Shakthi and formed a nada Bindu it is separated into shiva and Shakthi. All gods and goddesses are manifestations of various divine entities. In this time she is present as para shakti karumari Ambika who is closet to the earthly creation. Devi para shakti is manifested as the Prakrti with Purusha has materialized into the various universes as living and nonliving entities through Maya Shakthi.

The mother Parashakthi is also graced by the Maha Meru now confers the status of RajaRajeswari to this para shakti. There is goddess Raja Matangi Devi Ambica and Devi Bhuvaneshwari which is the presence of the different aspects of the great mother along with the maha meru.

The temple caught on fire on April 21, 2018. In this fire major portion of the building was damaged. The temple size is reduced after this fire incident and all the deities are replaced with minor wooden. worship area is also reduced after this incident.

Parashakthi Temple Deities

Deities with shrines installed at the Parashakti that was proposed by Adi Shankara which include as follows.

Parashakthi temple


It is shrines for lord ganapathi.The temple has three vigrahas installed.shakthi Ganapati is situated to the right side of mother parashakthi.The three vigrahas including shakthi Ganapati,Tantrika ganapathi and prakara ganapati.Abhishek is performed for all three deities on sukla chathurthi of bhadrapada month.


It is shrine for mother Parashakthi.In form of separate soul which can communicate with super soul.Abhishekam and alankaram are pefromed to her on every Tuesday,Fridays and Sundays.


It is shrine for lord subrahmanya who is depicted with his two shakthis on valli and deivanai on his right and left respectively.They represent the power of desire and also the energy of wisdom.Six days festival celebrating his victory over surapadma.


It is shrine for a lord kubera siva,Nandikeswara and lord Natarja.Saivam is worshippes in his formless from of shiva. celebration is perfomed On maha siva ratri and Krishna chaturthi.>


It is shrine for lord venkateswara and lakshmi narasimha.


It is shrine for a lord surya bhagwan as satyanarayana and lord jagannatha.

Major Festivals

Dasara is the major function celebrating the mother. This is celebrated on nine consecutive nights in the month of the aswayujam.

Parashakthi Temple Darshan Timing

Morning TimingEvening Timing
9:00 AM TO 11:00 AM6:30 PM TO 8:30 PM
Sunday Timings – 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM

Tue Only
Special Rahu Kala Pooja at 4 pm

Parashakthi Temple Michigan Darshan Timing
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